How I got here.

Or, a short biography of my academic career and how it landed me on WordPress.

The first task for Blogging 101, by WordPress.

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The Beginning, the Alpha

Welcome to Unravellations.

I don’t really know how much I’m going to use this blog, but lately I’ve been feeling the desire to document down the little things in life.

Let me start by introducing myself. I’m 23 years old, a registered pharmacist on the sunny island of Singapore. For privacy purposes, I’m not going to put my name (or any other names), nor the organisation I work for on this blog. Being a community pharmacist is great. It pays well, it has regular hours, there is no stress level and if you choose to, you can maintain an almost shamefully low level of workload. It’s also – not what I really want to do in life.

I love the Arts. I love humanities. I love observing the things in life, observing society and just trying to find some kind of pattern to it all. My favourite subject in school was English Literature, but because of this astoundingly Asian mindset that pervades my country, my society and my family, I found myself drifting towards the Sciences all my academic life. I can’t even say I was forced into it, because I wanted it. For a long period of time, I wanted this path for myself, despite knowing I felt more happiness in another alternative route.

It’s only after I started work that I began to realise that this isn’t really what I want to do. The thought of being stuck in a Sciences-related job for my entire life wasn’t just dreadful, it wasย terrifying. Despite my lazy nature, I have already set up plans to try and find a way out, but plans take time, a lot of time, to come to fruition. In the meantime, stuck in a job that offers me no fulfilment, I have become incredibly –ย bored.

And these are my ways of finding relief.