Daily Prompt: Tattoos

Tattoos have traditionally been associated with gangsterhood, unruly behaviour and just general uncouthness in the Asian culture that I live and grew up in. It probably has to do with the fact that when my parents were growing up, the people that had tattoos tended to be of “the lower classes”. My parents were not of the upper classes by any means when they were growing up, but I guess they were taught to strive upwards.

Nowadays, with the advent of the Internet, the wider exposure to different world cultures and this generation’s being more accepting towards tattoos, I think there’s been a much more lenient and forgiving view towards tattoos, especially when they’ve been aesthetically portrayed as “pretty things” on places like Tumblr or Pinterest. I still don’t have many friends who have inked themselves, but the ones that have, don’t regret it.

Personally, I still feel that I’m too much of a commitment-phobe to want to tattoo myself in any way. The only thing about body modification that scares me is the permanency of it. What if I hate it in future? What if it screws up and I don’t like how it looks? What if I change my mind about the design? After all, fashion gets outdated. What you think is pretty now, may not be so pretty to you in the future. A quote that you can relate to a lot now, you may hate yourself for relating to in the future. At least, that’s how it is for me. I think to some people, being reminded of who they used to be and what they used to like could be a great source of nostalgia, but for me, I like to leave the past behind. I’m OK with piercings (not too crazy though, besides the standard lobe ones, I only have a helix on my right ear) because if I don’t like it, I take it out. At most you may get a little black dot where it used to be, but that’s about it. It’s permanent but barely visibly so. Not so much with a tattoo.

However, if I did have to ink myself, this is one of the most awesome tattoos I’ve seen:


Geeky, I know, but that’s the way I am.